There are many firms that are unwilling or unable to help non-profit organizations with their accounting systems. Here at Warner & Schwartz, we pride ourselves in working with the local non-profit community in West Palm Beach. If you have an accounting or tax need, you can consult us whenever the need arises including West Palm Beach tax preparation for non-profits. We are a credible accounting firm with a goal of enabling our clients to maximally manage and effectively use their financial resources.

Warner & Schwartz offers personalized accounting services that will assist you in the pursuit of success in your organization. We will guide you on how to reduce your tax liability; and minimize taxes on your salary, estate and all your assets. We will also recommend efficient tax saving strategies that can lead to the ultimate growth and preservation of your non-profit’s resources.

Bookkeeping is also one of the accounting services that West Palm Beach tax preparation for non-profits provide. It is essential to keep a factual and detailed record of all your financial transactions which will help to efficiently maintain and manage your financial resources. Bookkeeping also entails recording valuable information about your non-profit organization.

In instances where your firm may be a victim of fraud or embezzlement causing unnecessary tax burden. We at Warner & Schwartz use our accounting skills to examine your financial records and analyze them so that they can be used in legal proceedings. Our forensic accountants, when partnered with an attorney or lawyer, can help you to understand and eventually win fraud cases in court.

Warner & Schwartz not only ensures that you can access the best West Palm Beach tax preparation for non-profits; we also help you keep accurate and comprehensive records of all your transactions so that you can better manage your business. In addition to this, we have competent forensic accountants who can investigate cases of fraud and embezzlement to protect you from suffering losses you do not deserve.

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